Guan Ningning: Agricultural Mechanization, Large-Scale Operation and Agricultural Carbon Emissions


作者Guan NingningCorrespondence author 

题目Agricultural Mechanization, Large-Scale Operation and Agricultural Carbon Emissions

期刊Cogent Food & Agriculture, 2023, 9(1) , 2238430.

摘要Agriculture plays an indispensable role in the economic system of all countries, and the issue of agricultural carbon emissions has become a challenge to the sustainable development of the global economy. Against this backdrop, based on the data of 30 provinces, municipalities directly under the central government and autonomous regions (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Tibet) in China from 2005 to 2019, this current study comprehensively uses the two-way fixed effect panel model and panel vector autoregressive (PVAR) model to explore the static and dynamic relationships between agricultural mechanization, large-scale operation and agricultural carbon emissions. Analysis show that agricultural mechanization and large-scale operation promote the agricultural carbon emissions, and increasing the level of urbanization will help curb the increase of agricultural carbon emissions. However, in a dynamic perspective, there is a two-way granger causality relationship between agricultural mechanization and agricultural carbon emissions. Agricultural mechanization is an important cause of agricultural carbon emissions and its promoting effect is sustainable, while the short-term effect of large-scale operation on agricultural carbon emissions is positive, and in the long run it helps reduce agricultural carbon emissions. Accordingly, the study recommends that the government should make the following efforts: firstly, speed up the research and development of agricultural machinery driven by clean energy; secondly, guide the effective transfer of land and encourage farmers to reduce the amount of agricultural chemical materials input while improving the use efficiency of pesticide chemical materials; thirdly, uphold the concept of ecological civilization in the process of promoting urbanization.