Sheng-Yuan Wang etc:Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society


作者:Sheng-Yuan Wang, Wan-Ming Chen, Rong Wang, Xiao-Lan Wu,

题名:“Multi-objective Evaluation of Co-evolution among Innovation Populations based on Lotka-Volterra Equilibrium,”

期刊:Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society. Article ID 5569108, 14 pages., 2021. (SCI)

摘要:The collaborative evaluation of enterprise innovation populations is a hot issue. The Lotka–Volterra model is a mature method used to evaluate the interaction mechanism of populations and is widely used in innovation ecology research studies. The Lotka–Volterra model mainly focuses on the quantitative characteristics of the interactive populations. The growth mechanisms cannot explain all the synergy mechanisms of the innovative populations. The collaborative evaluation between enterprise innovation populations is a typical multiobjective evaluation problem. The multichoice goal programming model is a mature method to solve multiobjective optimization problems. -is paper combines the Lotka–Volterra model and multichoice goal programming method to construct a three-stage multiobjective collaboration evaluation method based on Lotka–Volterra equilibrium. An evaluation example is used to illustrate the application process of this method. The method proposed in this paper has excellent performance in computing, parameter sensitivity analysis, and model stability analysis.